Research Projects - Aging


elderly woman with nurseHealthy aging and associated health risk factors are an

important focus of PHREI research. PHREI research looks

at factors and trends across populations to provide insight

into healthy aging.  This includes the cancer screening trials

and studies on neurodegenerative disorders.  Disorders associated with aging are an important area for research

with veterans and their families. 

The cancer screening studies at PHREI provide an opportunity

to track participant's health over time and look at the

association with demographic, occupational, lifestyle, and

genetic information collected about these participants.

Collaborations with other national and international sites

allow comparisons between different populations to further

our understanding of factors influencing healthy aging. 

PHREI investigators work with the Honolulu Asia Aging Study (HAAS) at Kuakini Medical Center under the direction of Dr. Lon White, to study diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and Parkinson's disease.  Several PHREI studies are complimentary to the HAAS and involve research on brain structure at death.



Genetics of Telomere Dynamics in Okinawans


This study will investigate how genes affect the ability of cells within the human body to continue dividing as they age and contribute to human healthspan. This study focuses on understanding human telomeres, which are located at the ends of the chromosomes of our bodies’ cells and tell the cells when to stop dividing. When cells stop dividing they die and this can affect the health of all tissues of the body. This, in turn, may affect the rate of aging and the risk for development of age-related diseases, such as heart disease and dementia.