Margaret-Anne Mackintosh, Ph.D.

Margaret-Anne MackintoshDr. Margaret-Anne (Maggi) Mackintosh’s work focuses on the treatment of PTSD and comorbid mental health concerns, such as dysregulated anger, depression and interpersonal difficulties. Much of her work includes how technologies can be used to extend and enhance service delivery, especially for underserved populations. In addition, she has a strong set of skills in research design and application. She worked as a data manager and statistician, as well as a consultant on methodological and analytical issues in social science research. Dr. Mackintosh leads analyses addressing a variety of social and psychological endpoints, including hearing impairment; sleep complaints and polysomnographic measures; marital, employment and financial stability; and social networks and interpersonal functioning on PHREI’s traumatic brain injury study.

Dr. Mackintosh received her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in geropsychology from the University of Southern California. She was a clinical research psychologist at the VA National Center for PTSD, Pacific Islands Division and is now a statistician with the Dissemination and Training Division in Palo Alto.